Are Kids Invited?

No children are invited except for the ones in the wedding party. If there is any question about which kids are welcome to attend, their name will specifically be on the invitation!

Other than that, book a babysitter and have the night to yourself!

Do I get a plus one?

If your RSVP card has more than one person listed, then yes! If not, then just you!

Dress Code?

We ask all guests to dress in formal attire. Keep in mind that the ceremony will take place outdoors, weather permitting!

Face Masks?

We are not requiring face masks for the wedding or the reception. We do ask that if you decide to wear a face mask, then please wear a solid neutral color so it does not clash with photography. Please and thank you!


We ask all guests to please refrain from taking any pictures on personal devices or cameras during the ceremony. We would like all of our guests to be present in the moment and to let our wonderful photographer capture all the pictures!
Kristie Kern